Blingja Breathing

Blingja Breathing as seen by a young mindful adventurer.

Blingja Breathing as seen by, Zen, a young mindful adventurer.

Blingja Breathing is a simple system that helps people of all ages feel calm and powerful, in any type situations.

Everyone has felt upset, frustrated, sad, foolish, anxious or angry. Any or all of that is especially hard on children. But it doesn’t need to be, not with Blingja Breathing. This is one of the core concepts I developed.

Picture a mountain as you breathe in. Up, up, up in three powerful breaths, you grab the jewel at the top. It contains solutions to any problems you have. Breathe out, rappel down the mountain, and rest on the peaceful purple lake.

Any Time, Anywhere

The technique is easy to learn and to use — any time, anywhere. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe easy.


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