Professional Experience

Mara St. Onge

Mara St. Onge

My name is Mara St. Onge, and I have been with the Vancouver School Board for nearly 20 years — working with children who have anxiety, challenging behaviours, developmental delays, stress, spectrum disorder and other difficulties.

Special Expertise

This past school year I worked at the  school board’s Social Emotional Learning Centre. A place for students with difficulties in social situations and behavioural issues sometimes linked to frustration with friendship building.

I’m also proficient in Zones of Regulation, Mind-Up, Incredible Flexible You, Social Detective and Whole Body Listening Larry.

Professional Complements

Complementing this professional background, I also:

  • Operate a home share setting for two developmentally-delayed adults.
  • Served for six years on the Vancouver Council of Community Living BC.
  • Developed an award-winning YMCA program for developmentally delayed youth and adults.

This experience inspired me to create Blingja, a mindfulness concept to help children and people of all ages. I offer it privately to individual families and to educators.

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