Do you have any idea how powerful you are?

I loved you coming into my classroom, you gave us all a mountain of possibility, with a diamond at the top, problem solving, it was so perfect, it was like I dreamt you up, I can’t even describe to you how completely understood and connected I felt as you spoke,

you spoke to all of us, the scared, vulnerable, stressed out, anxious part of us, and gave us tools to help us for all of our Lives,

I will never forget this special day , also the lip balm is an outstanding idea, because what comes out of our mouths is so important, and to take a moment to put the chapstick on and take a breath,

Thank you with all of my heart for empowering I’m connecting my class, all of my respect and gratitude,

Maria King – Elementary School Teacher

As a Grade 1 classroom teacher, I feel extremely fortunate to be collaborating with Mara to support my students in the areas of self-regulation and social-emotional development. Mara’s involvement with my students has had a significant impact on my teaching practice and subsequently, the learning that is taking place in my classroom.

My students and I always look forward to Mara’s weekly visits. Her lessons are fun, engaging and effective in teaching the students (and teachers!) skills around self-awareness and self-regulation. Mara introduced us to the Blingja concepts and shared with us a variety of tools and strategies including the Blingja Breathing Poster, chime, Blingja Bin, Blidgets, and other therapeutic items.

Immediately after implementing Mara’s strategies into my day-to-day teaching, I began to see positive changes in my students. For this reason, I am SO thankful to have met Mara early on in my career! She made me realize the importance of self-regulated and social-emotional learning early on, and I now feel equipped to overcome challenges in my classroom and to support my students.

Mara has inspired me to continue to develop my skill set in these areas. I recently joined the Social Responsibility Committee at my school with the hope to share and implement Mara’s wonderful ideas and teaching strategies school-wide. Her ideas are fun, easy to use, and I know they would be highly beneficial to students of all ages. I have also decided to pursue a MEd in Human Development and Self-Regulated Learning and am very much looking forward to sharing Mara’s concepts and strategies with a larger teaching community. Maybe we can even convince Mara to join us for a visit or two!

Mara you have touched my life in an incredible way and you have completely transformed my approach to teaching. My students and I are so grateful for your love, passion, and enduring support! THANK YOU!

Lexy MacGregor – Elementary School Teacher

As a mother whose daughter attended a SELC (Social Emotional Learning Centre) program where Mara was one of her teachers with Blingja concepts as a major component of the curriculum, I know that it works! I have watched my daughter transform from being an anxious, angry child into one who is happy, creative, fun and carefree! It is because of this program and the Blingja concepts that were used there. My daughter accepted, and adapted well to the Blingja exercises and we still use them at home. She especially loves the blidgits and the Blingja Buddy!

As a children’s therapeutic yoga and mindfulness instructor and Metaphysical Counselor, seeing the results that Blingja had upon my own child, I have become an ambassador of Blingja concepts and have implemented the components of Blingja concepts into my own children’s yoga and mindfulness classes and private therapeutic sessions. All in all Blingja is fun! Blingja is simple to use and is a real sensory experience for all parties involved in using the curricula and therapeutic items. I LOVE Blingja concepts!

Dr. Ashleigh Stewart – Author of “5 Minutes to Mindfulness – Kids” and founder of “LittleLighthouse Yoga Training & Research Institute”www.littlelighthouseyoga.com

In my role as a school occupational therapist I have introduced the concept of Blingja breathing and Blingja products to a variety of students and teachers to support self-regulation. The products are used to guide and build self-awareness and to introduce practical and discreet strategies to support self-regulation.  The products are beautifully made, durable and engaging for students. There is added value in knowing that Blingja products are made at Craftworks Society. I would highly recommend Blingja products to school teams working with an OT.

Moray McLean – Occupational Therapist

Mara was kind enough to share her knowledge and wisdom about Social Emotional Learning with our SFU pre-service teachers. She fused theory and practical ideas, and shared personal and professional anecdotes and stories from her many years as a parent and educator. She provided them with hands on strategies and materials that included all the amazing Blingja resources. Our students raved about their session with Mara! Mara’s passion about the importance of social-emotional learning, and her desire to give back to community shines through and is reflected in all her Blingja products. Everybody should have the opportunity to hear Mara speak and to experience the joy her Blingja resources bring. The only request our students had for Mara was that she comes back again!

Dorothy Shaw – Faculty Associate, Professional Programs, SFU

Bling out your inner ninja. Who wouldn’t want to do that and what fun! Mara has done an incredible job of taking the seriousness out of emotional intelligence work. I have had the incredible pleasure and opportunity to work with Mara individually and with my children.

Don’t expect a long couch to lay on and a box of tissue ( optional). Working with Mara is fun creative joyful and experiential. I was completely in awe at how she can get to the core of an issue that is almost impossible for somebody else to see. When she does identify what the major issues are it’s like a massive “aha” moment.

Everything she does in her work comes from a place of love, mindfulness, calm, structure, hope and possibility.

Her solutions are so simple and real and they just amalgamate into your every day life. She takes the version of you, in your life with your family and challenges you to create a new and better version of yourself.

When my family and I first sat down to work with Mara she asked us to write down what our perfect day would look like. It was so insightful because she had an image of what each of us wanted and what our hopes and dreams and passions were. It was a starting point and then she worked her way back to help create it.

My life would be completely different had I not had the opportunity to work with Mara. When I’m not sure what to do in a situation with my children she’s open to helping, but most important I feel like I’m equipped with a full tool belt to work through situations as they come up.

Thank you Mara,

Parise Siegel – Parent and business owner

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