What is Blingja?

Having A Mindful Moment

Having A Mindful Moment

The name is shorthand for Bling Out Your Inner Ninja:

BLING is to shine
NINJA a mindful adventurer


A Clear Pathway

I designed Blingja to help children simplify cluttered thinking — and open a clear pathway to truly understanding how to feel confident in school and other settings.

This simple, practical approach lets people of all ages regulate their actions and confidently take control of their emotions.

Regulating Your Emotions

Blingja is a social emotional/mindfulness curriculum that delivers simply written sequential lesson plans that include therapeutic tactile items. Without judging themselves, children learn to recognize their emotions and feel powerful in every situation.

The Blingja Curriculum is fun and easy-to-understand. It can be taught in groups or delivered in individual homes.

Mara St. Onge

Mara St. Onge: “I want teach everyone in the world to use Blingja and to give them the tools to be comfortable with their emotions – a solution to all their emotional problems.”

Who Built Blingja?

My name is Mara St. Onge, and I am a mindful adventurer looking for solutions to problems. I worked with the Vancouver School Board for nearly 20 years — working with children who have anxiety, challenging behaviours, developmental delays, stress, spectrum disorder and other difficulties.

Where Has Blingja Been?

I’m also proficient in Zones of Regulation, Mind-Up, Incredible Flexible You, Social Detective and Whole Body Listening Larry.

Professional Complements

Complementing this professional background, I also:

  • Operate a home share setting for two developmentally-delayed adults.
  • Served for six years on the Vancouver Council of Community Living BC.
  • Developed an award-winning YMCA program for developmentally delayed youth and adults.

These experiences inspired me to create Blingja, a mindfulness concept to help children and people of all ages.


Thank you for the acknowledgement.


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