I'm Feeling Good

I’m Feeling Good

A Simple Solution for the Classroom

I’ve heard teachers say that some children are so rigid they must have ‘Boulder Brain’. This inflexible thinking seemingly leaves the child incapable of functioning in a way one would expect in the classroom.

These kids face constant frustration that can lead to anxiety, aggression or depression.

Develop Blingja Brains

My system helps to develop ‘Blingja Brains’ (flexible, open minded thinking), named for one of the many visual lesson plans I created.

Use Blingja to show students how to be mindful of what drives their frustrations, and to regulate their actions for everyone’s benefit.

I know Blingja works because I’ve used it, and taught it in professional development days for schools across Vancouver.

In your classroom, hard-to-reach students definitely needn’t stay beyond your reach. I deliver a half-day or full day program, presenting a practical mindfulness curriculum with concrete and visual lesson plans that are simple to execute. I can also custom develop and create lesson plans that highlight any of the competencies that the educators may want to focus on.

More Flexible, Accepting Students

You and your colleagues can help students become more flexible and accepting (and because Blingja works for all ages, it’s something you might also use for yourself).

Contact me know if you want to know more.

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