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Parenting Solutions

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to your children. I use Blingja to devise practical solutions for parents/caregivers who face difficult behaviours, anxiety, stress and other challenges — or who simply want closer family ties. Blingja adapts to all families: traditional, single-parent, blended or multi-cultural.

Your Objective Friend

Think of me as an objective friend, getting your family’s perspective and helping you simplify the parenting process. I collaborate with you on remedies designed to truly meet your needs.

You, everyone in your family and I find solutions together. We combine input from everyone with my extensive background working with children and families.

Ask Me Anything

I’m glad to talk and meet with you at no obligation. Just let me know.

What To Expect

Let's Do This

Let’s Do This

I can’t accomplish anything without you, so count on your direct involvement in what I do.

It’s All About You

Your Blingja experience starts with me observing and talking to your family in the home for one or two hours. Afterward, I give you written recommendations on how all of us will implement a Blingja Approach tailored for you.

Sometimes, I spend one-to-one time with your children. But mostly, I work with the family as a group. I present fun and easy-to-understand lessons: mindfulness exercises, self-regulation resources and interactive activities.

Beyond Blingja, if you like, I can also refer you to a professional therapist with proven experience working with families.

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